EyeTuner Photo Editor

Giving you a facetune and superimpose cat, zombie and other eyes onto yours!

EyeTuner Photo Editor is simply the fastest way to transform your eyes into those of cats, eagle, dracula and many other sexy, crazy or downright evil eyes!

Quickest Way To Augment Eyes!

Through intelligent eye detection algorithm, it allows you to automatically superimpose the new eyes as close as possible onto yours… fast!

But why stop at one? If you have a family portrait, you can do multiple eyes at one go the first time you load the picture!

Get crazy, get entertained and go bananas!

Special Features

  • Cool clean design following new iOS7 look and feel.
  • Resizing and rotation control to make that slight tweak if needed
  • Super easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more
  • Lots of in-app purchases to give you endless fun including accessory pack that allows you to put a bruised eye look or that cool sunglasses you are dying to buy
  • Comes preloaded with free set of eyes and if you are game enough, there is a way to unlock a whole pack of eyes by sharing the love!


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