Iron Dragon – Double Clash Against The Tiny Ninja Thief Force

Retro Classic Beat Em Up Fighting Game

“In addition to this game having a well-developed storyline, it also has a great retro style. The music and graphics are all on par with retro games that many of us have come to love. Picking up Iron Dragon and playing it for a couple of minutes is likely to bring back Nintendo nostalgia.” –AppReviews4u
“If you’re bored of the same old games, then you should checkout Iron Dragon. It’s an upcoming fighting retro game which is bound to bring back the memories of classic gaming.” –iTouchApps

Full of addicting gameplay and a retro style, Iron Dragon will keep your heart pacing as you fight to stay alive and rescue Harley’s kidnapped sister.
After the Tiny Ninja Thief clan kidnaps his sister, Harley is left with no choice but to set out and save her. No matter how many enemies and bosses need to be defeated, he has to succeed.
However, you can’t save Harley’s sister alone. You’re simply not strong enough yet. That is why Sala’s best friend, Elle, will supply you with unlockable Ninja powers to help you on your quest. These powers will make you faster, stronger and better. By the time you reach the end, you will have harnessed the true powers of a Ninja.
–What are you waiting for? Download Iron Dragon and begin your high-stake journey today!–

* iPad Retina ready
* Beautiful Retro style
* Soundtrack specifically designed for Iron Dragon
* Intense and addicting gameplay
* Four unlockable powers
* Multiple kick and punch fight moves
* Difficult bosses that are actually satisfying to defeat
* Hours of fun gameplay