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New Game in Development!

We’re currently working on a new game called ‘Super Jumpy King’. It’s a variation on the Frogger/Crossy Roads gameplay where you control a character to climb as high as you can by wall jumping between platforms and avoiding falling obstacles as you do so.

Pretty simple, but the difficultly lies in needing to focus and hone in on the gameplay; making sure it has the fun factor and it that feels right. This is the main reason we wanted to do a game like this. We wanted something simple that we could polish to the best of our abilities rather than something larger, more ostentatious with all the bells and whistles that might take forever (or will as we’re only three and not exactly full time game devs).

The theme is loosely inspired by Journey To The West, expanded with more characters from Chinese mythology.

Monk, Monkey King and Pig

We currently have a working prototype and hopefully will get an alpha version done early next year.

The plan is to have Monkey King playable, with the other characters unlockable through coins that you accumulate through each play through. Unlocking new characters will also unlock new backgrounds and/or power ups. These power ups can be turned on or off through spending coins at the start.

Here are a couple of concepts for two of the backgrounds.


There will be three different types of obstacles, each changing thematically in each background:

1) ‘Spikes’ that are static on the platforms.
2) Small, avoidable falling obstacles that fall down one side of a platform.
3) Large falling obstacles that can only be avoided by being in the rest areas. A warning will signify when these will arrive.

We’re probably about just under halfway through development at the moment, and will be keep you posted!

Motuner is out!


Tune your face and use fancy & cool moustaches to jazz up your photos!

Whether you want to rock it like a biker or twirl your moustache with air of sophistication, there are many styles for you to choose from!

The app uses intelligent face detection algorithms which allows the user to quickly superimpose a moustache with great accuracy. But not only that, it can still be resized afterwards to your heart’s content.

Multiple moustaches can be added to one picture, perfect for group photos, funny family portraits or if you simply just want to go crazy all on your own!

Now available from the app store. You can download it free or pay for the Motuner Overdrive free of adds and with all packs unlocked!