Tacheman- Back in Development

Gameplay clip

It’s been a fun, steep learning curve but Tacheman finally has a complete working version. I am very excited to show some of the new features it has. The GUI has been revamped – there’s now a health and ammo bar which makes the game more accessible than the one hit kill mechanic of before that became a little too frustrating at times.

Building from a raycast engine and looking at the code was an eye opener into how to do a simple 2D platformer the right way.

The multiple death animations

For something a bit different, I thought it would be good if the same death animation wasn’t played over and over for every enemy. So, it’s a little more contextual. Cannon fire? Gets incinerated. Razor? Gets sliced and falls off. Due to the simplicity of the Tacheman characters this was relatively easy to animate and implement into Unity.

Dangerous even when defeated.

With a newfound knowledge of the particle system, it has certainly brought the game up to a higher level of polish (as well as being a lot of fun to play around with!) I had one idea for an exploding enemy that would grow every time it got hit before unleashing a fairly sizeable and potent explosion when defeated (wonder where I got inspiration for that from…)

Jetpack from a moustache? Why not?

Collecting stuff for no reason is fun no? No? Well, coins in this game may give you a special surprise if you collect enough of them…which I may have just given away with the above gif. This special ability will allow you reach previously difficult to access/ downright inaccessible places as well save you from mistimed jumps.

Flip in style

The weather did not help with someone’s mood

There will be unlockable characters, each with their own unique abilities and narrative bits in the story.

So what’s left?

It’s currently going through some internal testing, there’s a few more art assets I would like to add as well as much more optimisation (bloody optimisation!). There will of course arise one or two, or a hundred bugs (bloody bugs!) that will need to be fixed, gameplay tweaks et al. But it’s finally getting there, and will keep you updated on its progress.

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