Tacheman update

You may have been wondering what has happened to the old Tacheman. Well, truthfully it has been under development limbo for half the year, but the team is now back working on it and we’re overhauling the project to really improve performance and mobile.

With the help of a fantastic asset from the Unity Store called the Corgi Engine 2D, we’re cutting down on the amount of physics in the initial project and implementing a raycast system. (Lesson has been learned- for a simple 2D platformer- physics are generally a no no, not least for mobile optimisation).

Although we did somehow manage to tame most of the physics related problems, the fallout in memory usage (all those physics materials on all those colliders can’t have helped for e.g) was not worth it. And although it worked fine on more recent devices, it was virtually unplayable on older devices which seemed a little unfair.

Player Raycast
Tacheman raycasts

We’ll keep you updated on its progress.

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